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Hooked on Fishing

Case Study

Hooked on Fishing is a non-profit park that provides fish equipment and knowledge to local organizations. 5 other UX designers and I worked with the client to redesign their website. 


Our first step before we met with the client was reviewing their current website and taking notes on the current information structure. We took notes of pain points and essential actions for users. From this first investigation, we discovered a few potential issues that we held in priority to fix in the redesigned website.

After we met with the client, we had a clear list of identified goals, users, and issues the client noticed with their website. They needed an easy way for organizations to book a time and an easier way for potential donors to donate money.

We began the research of similar organizations and competitors. While researching I was also responsible for setting up the website on WordPress.

Hooked on Fishing Final Moodboard.png

Once we finished our research we started to ideate on site-branding. Every member designed a mood board and we discussed the best of each individual idea for site branding. Part of the discussion of site branding was connecting the user with nature by using images of the park and by adding colors found in nature.

After site branding, we split into 3 main groups, design, information structure, and implementation. I was the lead role in the implementation of the design into WordPress and Elementor. I worked very closely with both groups as my progress in implementation was dependent on their progress. 


Once the low-fidelity designs were done I went to work implementing them into Elementor. While implementing it was discovered that certain designs conceived in Figma could not transfer to Elementor so group decisions were made to change those aspects of the design into something functionally and visually better.

While high fidelity was being worked on by the design group I and the information structure group started to create a WordPress structure that would allow the client to keep the website up to date once handed off.

Once the high fidelity design was finished the team came together to do a full implementation of the design. I this rapid implementation caused a challenge of small consistencies because of this I took charge of doing quality control throughout the last weeks of the project.

HOF events mockup.png
#4 white.png
Hand - off
After the full redesign of the website, we had reached the end of the project. We handed off the design to the client and they were very pleased with the outcome of the website. 
Below is the link to the delivered design:
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